Thinking Big!!

It seems to be a little past the season to be still think about gardening, but that's what I'm doing...and I'm thinking big. When I started gardening years ago, I got excited about the impatients and geraniums and other annuals that really brighten up the garden. Then I was turned on to perennials and got excited watching them expand and grow year after year and how you can change their positioning with other perennials to create many different looks. Now, The bushes and trees are a thrill for me. They create structure, weight, longevity of season and years, and are the back drop for the showy perennials. My favorites are ninebarks, spirea (in the photo), any evergreen for its structure and how it look
s in the winter, grasses, barberry, serviceberry, redbud, japanese maple, azalea, birch trees, and I love, love many varieties of dog woods.