Up Down...Stairs

Stairs get you places. They can bring you up, or they can bring you down. It's a journey to a new level. The stairway is hardly thought of, and usually a dark and uninviting pathway. Sounds very serious...!
We can do more with the stair.
I have been spending a lot of time looking at stairs. The features on first glance seem to be the same, a riser, a tread and a handrail. However, the stylings of stairs can be so different. There are so many materials and possibilities. I tend to lean toward the white riser with the woodtread. But, I do like the all wood with a splash of modern in the glass.
One thing to think about is the lighting around the stairs. Stairs can be dark and scary, but with proper lighting it can really become a feature in your home.
Also, art and family photos can help create or keep your style flowing from one level to another.
No matter your style, there are so many possibilities.

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