My Moments of Green

Tomatoes from my garden.
I just recently enjoyed a seminar on Social Media for real estate agents in Peterborough, ON. It was a facinating seminar and I was amazed at how much social media is growing. For example, if facebook was a country it would be the largest populated country in the world. We might as well accept this change as it will affect our lives more and more every year.
Anyway, one of the gentleman who spoke at this seminar was George O'Neill, a master at social media. He was suggesting that if we need information on anything we go to google, blogs, youtube, twitter, or ask the advice of our facebook friends. Why use a dictionary when you can wikipedia it? And it's true! I do it, I'm always researching.
Now, how does this relate to tomatoes and composters? Well when I decided to build my garden this year, I referred to the advice on the web. When I decided to build a composter, I reviewed some youtube instructions, and there were many. For most of what I do in real estate or at home, social media is at the forfront of my actions. We are getting used to it without knowing it!

Our new composter we made from used wood.