Land Planning Seminar 2011 - (summary of meeting)

The Land Planning Seminar was good this year. It was packed with interesting information of some of the changes happening to our city and county. Below is a quick summary of the city's update.

Ken Hetherington

Manager, Planning Division
-Celebrate the gateways to Downtown and acknowledge arrival
-Prepare neighbourhood plans for distinct residential areas in the Transitional Uses Sub-area.
-Long-term these neighbourhoods will change. Until then they must work. eg: Former St. Peter's School

-Give priority to the completion of the Otonabee River Trail connections to Charlotte Entry Downtown.
-Create a Civic Square, a multi-purpose outdoor venue for gatherings and community celebrations.
-Where can the City hold a party? or A seasonal Farmer’s Market on Wednesdays and Saturdays. or A New Year’s countdown. Maybe the Louis Street parking lot

Canoe Museum

-Prioritize the renewal of the Charlotte Street right-of-way from Water Street to Park Street.
-Refresh the “Downtown” brand.
-Develop a Downtown specific Tourism Development Strategy.
-Adopting a “Downtown First” philosophy would give priority consideration to the opportunities for a more central Downtown location for: The Canadian Canoe Museum. A Larger Art Gallery.
-Adopt a Community Improvement Plan for the Central Area. eg: Municipal Incentive Program, Tax Increment Grant Program, Fa├žade Restoration Grant or Loan Program, DC relief is already provided
Part of Millenium Trail
-The Otonabee River Trail was an integral component of the City’s Millennium Project implemented in the years of 2000 and 2001. The project was conceived in order to reclaim the urban waterfront for public use.