Preparing your Home for Sale

Paint is the cheapest way to add money to your investment!

In the past I've been cautious on how to instruct my seller's on preparing their home for sale. I don't want to hurt client's feelings on such a personal thing as their home. Telling them that their home has an odor, or asking them to remove much loved items and to declutter, and to tell them that their style in decor is dated and must be changed before they list, is a hard thing to do. However, lately I have seen too many properties that could fetch a much higher price if the agent was just honest with their sellers and suggest items to be changed before listing. So, my approach is going to be pure honesty...(in a nice way). The goal always is to market and sell my clients homes at the best price, in a short amount of time, and with the best terms. If I know how to do this, but too afraid to tell the sellers my opinion, then I'm doing them a huge injustice. I will be using my design background, my love of art and decorating, and some extra time, to achieve the goals of my clients. Please call or email me for more details.