Land Planning Seminar 2010 - (summary of meeting)

Bryan Weir, Peterborough County
-County has grown more than initially predicted
-Serviced areas (Lakefield, Norwood, etc.) to accommodate more growth
-Province to review growth numbers for our area
-County is looking into more job density within the area
-New County Web Site with mapping and location of important items such as roads, parks, county offices, etc. (

Abdellah Massaoudi, Peterborough Market Analyst, CMHC
Peterborough: Housing Market Overview
-# of home sales slightly down for 2009, however average home price is slightly up
-new builds are down
-mortgage rates remain low historically
-employment is down slightly but average weekly pay is up
-affordability still remains solid as cost to own is down due to low rates
-More first time buyers on the market than 2nd or 3rd time buyers
-population of Peterborough is older than average
-credit & financial markets suggest worst of economic down turn is behind us.
-no inflation threat presently but long term rates will creep up as recovery gains traction
-cottage prices down 3% from 2008, however recreational properties up 9% over all of county -prices fluctuate in different area
-Peterborough City has average density compared to other cities in our area. This could increase
-buyers sticking with resale homes, on average
-pent up demand and improved affordability boasted the housing activity in the 4th quarter
-new home construction will strengthen in the coming quarters led by singles
-balanced market suggests a balanced power between the buyers and sellers
-cost gap between renting and owning narrows
-vacancy rates are high (higher than average)
-rental costs are average
-improved homeownership affordability
-record high vacancy rates
-decline in the youth employment means fewer are moving out of the parents’ homes

Ken Hetherington, Manager, Planning Division, City of Peterborough
-focus on the improvement of the density of Peterborough
-growth planned in Chemong area near Portage Place
-more apartment/condo structures are examples of achieving higher density in area of Chemong, Clonsilla, and Wentworth
-identify and protect current and future use of employment area
-protection of our cultural and natural heritage

Housing Production:
-conversion of the former Woolen Factory to 50 affordable housing units
-conversion of the former school to 48 affordable housing units
-conversion of the former nursing home to 60 affordable housing units
-conversion of the former convent to 23 affordable housing units.

Community Improvement:Incentive Programs
-affordable/rental housing
-property redevelopment
-building rehabilitation
-façade & sign improvement
-stimulate local economic growth
River Trail:
-the project was conceived in order to reclaim the urban waterfront for public use
-continue path from Millenium Park to Del Crary Park
-continue path around Little Lake to cemetery
-improvement of CPR Bridge linkage to Maria Street & Rotary Trail-Willowcreek Trail crossing near PUC Office and Ecology Park

Malcolm Hunt, Director, Planning & Development Services, City of Peterborough
-city is growing with continued development
-looking at retail in the downtown core
-we have lost retail space in the downtown core
-signage at the gateways to downtown
-priority to completion of Otonabee River Trail
Create Civic Square:

-a multi-purpose outdoor venue for gatherings, and community celebrations
-preferred location is Louis Street parking lot
-a second stage for the festival
-overflow parking in December
-outdoor skating rink in January/February
-a rib fest in July
-an arts & craft festival in August
-a venue for democracy
-a shady spot to eat a workday lunch

-Looking at flow of people to downtown
-Charlotte Street Rejuvenation and right of way from Water to Park
-develop an enhancement strategy for the Aylmer/Bethune corridor to promote a positive environment for investment and a safe interface between the downtown commercial core & the transitional users sub area
-establish a future for Bethune and develop it
-investigate the opportunity to establish additional off-street parking supply in the new Café District (Hunter Street)
-Bethune links corridors north-south, connecting trans Canada trail to the extension of the Crawford Trail
-maintenance & safety of downtown
-refresh downtown brand
-collaboration or unification of the downtown Business Improvement Area & the Village Business Improvement Area to create a single Downtown brand through Marketing and promotions
-expand the municipal off-street parking supply
-position the Industrial Conversion Area for long-range and intensive redevelopment purposes
-find a downtown location alternative for the Peterborough Museum and Archives, Canadian Canow Museum, and a larger Art Gallery
-create master plan for all elements
-implement the conclusions of the Jackson Creek Flood Reduction Environmental Assessment
-adopt a community improvement plan for the central area
-recognize the untapped potential of the upper storeys of downtown commercial area
Airport Future:
-plans have been implemented and more changes to come
-proposed program-airport development program, 100’ wide – 2000’ runway & taxiway expansion, road redignment, runway reinforced apron expansion


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