Shelter Foundation Donation

The 5K and 10K walk and run for shelter committee are proud to have been able to drop a cheque for $1,247.56 off to Cameron House.

"Yes, Cameron House is still going! If you have gone near the site, however, you may be wondering…
After several years of wondering if Brock Mission could keep Cameron House shelter for Homeless women open, we are actually expanding!
While fighting to keep the house open, we completed a comprehensive review of the profiles of the women who used Cameron House services, since its opening on October 31, 1996.
A clear picture developed that many of the women who came through our doors had difficulty retaining stable housing. While they appeared to do well while staying at Cameron House, they struggled one on their own.
This lead to the concept of a “semi- independent living” program which was pitched to both the city and the province.
Through the efforts of the Housing and Social Services divisions of the city of Peterborough, The Peterborough Housing Corporation, and Brock Mission, capital funding was secured to construct 8 bachelor units onto Cameron House.
In addition, we have received some operating dollars to hire a program lead to assist with operating a Life skills program for women with a high risk of Housing insecurity.
While the construction is not likely to be completed until February, 2010, we are excited to report that we have already been running the new program for almost a year!
We are fortunate to have Beth Armstrong, one of the first staff members for Cameron house back in 1996, return to use as the Program Manager for Cameron House. She brings a wealth of experience, dedication and compassion." (copied from the brock mission website: