How to Pack for your Move in a Weekend

So I have said this many times before, and some of you are witness to this, "it takes three days to pack and three days to unpack." I have done it and proven that this works.
When I lived in Toronto I moved 13 times in 10 years. Granted it was just me and not a family of four, but same concept. Back then, I could do it in a day. What would drive me nuts about packing ahead of schedule is the "what box did I put the (blank) in?" Looking for that item that I packed a month ago, thinking I would no longer need it, but then not finding it urged me to create the 3 by 3 packing. I say pack your self a bag like you are going on holiday for the weekend, make sure you have stocked up on tons of paper, boxes, bubble wrap, etc., buy a bottle of wine and easy food, then just pack. Sorry, don't forget some great packing music. Motown, disco, 80's I dating myself here. No more one month ahead packing one box at a time, trying to pace things out! It's like pure torture and feels like you are packing for weeks...because you are! I came across this article on and it inspired me, and finally proved me right! (gotta love that!)

Here are my top 12 tips on how to make the packing process quick and a little less painful. (According to Click here for the full article.